Villa Cosy




The wellness area of the Villa Cosy is based on the concept of private property. You can retire yourself there with your family for two, three hours or a whole day with a capacity from 2 to 20 people.

The house is built entirely with natural materials (marble Tuscany, clay, sandstone, wood) and respects the spirit of “Natural Feng Shui House”.

Your senses will be awakened with AROMA, MUSICO and LUMINO THERAPY in a “cocoon” atmosphere.

Droge Sauna

3-20% humidity & 80-105°C
Wet and dry hot baths were already used in Roman times and par-achieved a massage with fragrant oils. “An ancient and universal tradition of mankind” present on all continents, the origins of which date back to the dawn of time …

The healers and shamans had the habit of using the SAUNA to treat disease and purify the body. Hot and cold water applications on the body revealed process of reactions that can be triggered and controlled. Traces of these practices were found in the Sumerian civilization, in Chinese, and Aztec people of Central Europe. The sauna is part of a broader technique: Hydrology. The latter, by scientists at the high rank of therapy is with “Phytotherapy”, one of the most known medical databases used universally since antiquity! In Finland, this old technique 2000 years in lifestyle and therapeutic nature, brings together 1.6 million followers (1/3 of the inhabitants), Germany (700,000), France (35,000)…

Salt Sauna

15-20 % humidity & 60°C


100% HUMIDITY & 47C° When we think of Rome they are often associates called the huge bathroom “Thermes”. The Emperor Agrippa built the first Thermes in 25 AD. The practice of steam really began to develop that around 600 AD, the Turkish baths were inspired by Greek and Roman baths. They have enjoyed considerable success in the Arab world and have been integrated into the practice of Islam as a rule of purification and hygiene … The steam is at a temperature of 40-50°C and high humidity of 95-100%. It will relax your muscles, bring a water balance in your body and pleasantly relieve your airways thanks to its steam infused with eucalyptus and mint.


Short wave IR-A = 50°C
The Romans placed burning coal bin in their “Laconium”. Coal was at that time the only fuel that allowed to obtain IR-A (Infrared shortwave broadcasting). In our time, we have medium wave lamps (IR-B) and long wave (IR-C) with different intensities to cross deeper skin layers to achieve the evils heat of the sauna can not reach.

The IR-A, produced by Robax lamps infrared cabin is used to treat joint problems, muscle aches, eczema, psoriasis, acne, asthma…


The Jacuzzi is located outside in the open. The water temperature is constantly 37.5 degrees. It has a multitude of specific projects in the different parts of your body and give you much more relaxing than a bath classic bubbles … The seats are ergonomically designed. The two engines provide optimum power massage.

Swimming pool & Jetstream

Immerse slowly into the soothing warmth of the water, feel the wet element in your body. What a pleasure! feel stress less, a new force for the body, mind and soul, relax under the stars. All this is possible in our outdoor pool heated to 30°-32°C …


Events: You can rent the whole house + 300m² with gardens and Wellness infrastructure. We organize the catering, bar service for seminars, meetings, trainings, various courses and anniversaries.

Please contact us for a personalized offer.


This area will allow you to grant yourself moments of rest during the transitions between different devices.

You will enjoy the lounge’s relaxing music and dimmed lights in its cozy and intimate atmosphere which invites you to total relaxation.


The proposed massages are of a relaxing nature.
  • An invitation to mental and physical relaxation and a general feeling of well being.
  • To disconnect from the everyday hustle and leave relaxed.
  • To be able to stimulate self-healing flow stress.
  • To bring more awareness to areas that your (un) conscious ignore.

Durée: 60 min ou 90 min